Narratives and Interactive Storytelling - IADE - 2018



  • Introduction to narratives and interactive storytelling;
    • Linear and non-linear narratives;
    • Narrative structures (Three-act Structure and Hero's Journey);
    • Narrative theories (Propp and Aarne-Thompson Index);
    • Representation of interactive narratives (graphs and event trees);
  • Generation of interactive narratives:
    • Design and authoring of interactive scripts;
    • Computational methods: plan generation and reuse;
  • Dramatization of interactive narratives:
    • Dramatization in 2D and 3D virtual environments;
    • Dramatization in video;
    • Dramatization in virtual/augmented reality;
  • Interaction methods for interactive narratives:
    • Traditional interaction (computational interfaces);
    • Multimodal and multiuser interaction;
    • Virtual/augmented reality interaction;
    • Interaction through natural language and social networks;


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