Managing the Plot Structure of Character-based Interactive Narratives in Games - Entertainment Computing Journal (2023)

Abstract: The use of narrative generation methods in games is a complex challenge that involves multiple problems of plot-based processes integrated with character-based methods. Examples of these problems are the high computational complexity of many story generation algorithms, the difficulties associated with the generation of interactive narratives that are compelling and emotionally impactful, the complex interactions among characters, and the need for tools and methods to support story writers in the process of creating and managing the narrative structure of interactive stories. In this work, we present and evaluate a new approach to generate and manage the plot structure of character-based interactive narratives in games, which combines multi-agent planning with a drama management strategy based on narrative structures. The proposed method is supported by an authoring tool that allows authors to create and test interactive narratives using graphical interfaces and intuitive diagrams. The results of our study suggest the effectiveness of our approach in generating interactive narratives for highly interactive game environments. In addition, a user study of the proposed authoring tool indicates that it can successfully support the development of character-based interactive narratives without requiring programming knowledge. 

Authors: Edirlei Soares de Lima, Bruno Feijó, and Antonio L. Furtado

Journal: Entertainment Computing, Volume 47, August 2023