Best Paper Awards (2016 - 2015)

My paper "Player Behavior Modeling for Interactive Storytelling in Games" has received the "best paper award" in the XV Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment (SBGames 2016).

The paper, which is co-authored by Bruno Feijó (PUC-Rio) and Antonio L. Furtado (PUC-Rio), explores the combination of player modeling and narrative generation techniques. We propose a novel approach for interactive storytelling in games based on player behavior modeling, hierarchical task decomposition and nondeterministic planning. The proposed method is capable of generating dynamic and nondeterministic quests that are directly or indirectly affected by in-game player behavior, which is modeled in terms of the Big Five factors.

In 2015, my research on Interactive Storytelling was also awarded. My paper "Storytelling Variants: The Case of Little Red Riding Hood" has received the "best paper award" in the 14th International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC 2015). This paper was also co-authored by Antonio L. Furtado (PUC-Rio) and Bruno Feijó (PUC-Rio).